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Digital Countdown Timers (no PCB) ShirtPocket Timer

Digital Count-down Timers with LCD display are available in following ranges:

99 minutes | 60 seconds

99 hours | 60 minutes

Technical Data:
Power Input:
  • 12VDC (10-14VDC)
  • 75 - 100mA



Electrical Output:
  • DPDT Relay
    • (NO1|COM1|NC1 + NO2|COM2|NC2)
    • 250VAC/5 or 8 Amp.
Visual Output :
  • LCD display
  • LED+ and LED- signal ports located on the PCB are intended for external pilot LED light.
Output Audio:
  • 80/40dB Buzzer with the optional ON/OFF
    • To use the audio alarm ON/OFF function you need to provide an external switch, or leave the existing jumper in place (audio alarm active).
    • The Trimming Potenciometer VR2 controls the volume of the audio alarm. When short-circuited the buzzing will be at full volume.


The position of the digital timer front panel in relationship to the enclosure/mounting panel face plate can be adjusted by replacing the original spacers with longer or shorter ones, depending on the individual preference or the needs.


  • Wide variety Light commercial applications
  • Not for outdoor use, unless in NEMA housing

The following pictures show examples of how the digital countdown timers can and are used:

A DCT/MS built into a peristaltic pump

A DCT/MS built into a
peristaltic pump.

A DCT/4M build into a GE60 Ozone Generator

A DCT/4M build into a
GE60 Ozone Generator

An OL100/TB
Ozone Generator

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