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Digital Countdown Timers with PCB ShirtPocket Timer


  • Wide variety Light commercial applications
  • Not for outdoor use, unless in NEMA housing


The position of the digital timer front panel in relationship to the enclosure/mounting panel face plate can be adjusted by replacing the original spacers with longer or shorter ones, depending on the individual preference or the needs.

Timer Connections, Inputs and Outputs:

  • Timer Connections:
    • 10” /25cm wire leads / 24G
    • 4”/10cm wire leads with Buzzer disc
  • Timer Power Input:
    • 1.5VDC / 10mA
      • BLACK Lead: “-“ 1.5VDC (GND)
      • RED Lead: “+” 1.5VDC
  • Visual Output
    • LCD Display
  • Audio Output
    • Buzzer, disc shape, 6” leads
    • Secondary Buzzer signal (usually cut-off)
      • BLACK Lead: “-“ 1.5VDC (GND)
      • YELLOW Lead: Buzzer signal (“+” 1.5VDC)
  • Electrical Signal Output
    • “LOW” when not active (in STOP or PAUSE mode)
    • “HIGH” when active (counting down)
      • Black Lead: “-“ 1.5VDC (GND)
      • Orange Lead: LOW/HIGH signal (“+” 1.5VDC/Max. 1-2mA)

Note: Buzzer disc CAN BE attached to the back side, eliminating the need for special holding assembly/mounting of the disc. Clients must request this assembly as a custom order (service fee will apply - U$1.50/unit regardless of the quantity discount on the product itself).

Digital Count-down Timers with LCD display are available in following ranges:

99 minutes | 59 seconds

DCT/MS is currently not available.

99 hours | 59 minutes

The following pictures show examples of how the digital countdown timers can and are used:

A DCT/MS built into a peristaltic pump

A DCT/MS built into a
peristaltic pump.

A DCT/4M build into a GE60 Ozone Generator

A DCT/4M build into a
GE60 Ozone Generator

An OL100/TB
Ozone Generator

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