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We are able to build in one of three optional countdown timers into the basic GE30 or GE60 Ozone Generator.

GE units with countdown timers can also have an external signal port (optional) in the form of 3.5mm stereo jack, which can be linked to the relay controlled by the timer. This means that the timer in the ozone generator can activate not only the ozone module inside the enclosure, but it can also turn ON (or OFF) external devices for the duration of the ozonation period.

GE60 with 99m/99s Countdown Timer
GE60 with 99h/99m Countdown Timer
GE60 with 9999h Countdown Timer

GE60 Ozone Generator with
99 min / 99 sec Countdown Timer

GE60 Ozone Generator with
99 hour / 99 min Countdown Timer

GE60 Ozone Generator with
9999 hour Countdown Timer

Timer Closeup Picture

Each Countdown Timer has:

  • Alarm/Buzzer
    • OFF
    • 40 dB
    • 80 dB
  • Operation Switch
    • Continuous Mode
    • Timer Mode

Timer Coloured Caps

Color coding caps are included with each countdown timer so that you may color code the toggle switches to suit your needs.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to explore the custom options that can be build into our GE line of generators.

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