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  • GE60 Power Converter Pic 1Suitable for clients who will travel with their ozonation system randomly to countries with 120 and 220VAC service
  • transformer can be also used for fax and answering machines, shavers, curling irons, tape recorders, radios, camcorder battery recharges, computers, etc.
  • Fuse protected. Fuse compartment is located at the back of the power converter enclosure.

Technical data:

3-pin grounded high impact plastic enclosure
Input: 220/240VAC
Output: 110/120VAC - 85W
Protection: replaceable fuse (0.8Amp)
Indication: "Ready" LED Light
Size: 4.5" x 3" x 3" (L x W x H)
Weight: 1.25kg/ 2.75Lbs

GE60 Power Converter Pic 2 Recommendations:

  • Always connect power converter only to properly grounded power outlet.
  • Do not overload power converter. The wattage of the appliance connected to power converter must not exceed the wattage capacity of the transformer.
  • If the converter is going to be used in continuous duty it should be only used to 80% of its capacity - 80% from 85W (68W)
  • Power converter is equipped with safety fuse in the event of a power surge from the power supply. The fuse can be easily replaced if burned out. However, the fuse will not prevent damage to appliance connected to the power converter.

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